St Patrick’s

The English department wants to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with lots of activities all of us will surely enjoy!

As you can see, the whole school has turned a bit green and on March 17th we expect it to become even greener when teachers and students turn up wearing some green clothes. Are you ready for that?

That same day we’ll be able to follow an online talk ‘IRELAND, THE EMERALD ISLE’ at 5 and 7 pm.

We know we can’t have our traditional diner so we’re inviting you to cook your own Jacket Potatoes, take a photo and take part in our contest to win a very special green prize.

Besides, when you come to the school and go upstairs you’ll be able to see our photo exhibition ‘ST. PATRICK’S AROUND THE WORLD’ with pictures of this celebration in different cities worldwide. And there’s even more!

In class you’ll be invited to look up idioms and quotations related to luck and peg them on our TREE OF LUCK in the hall.

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