Sign language

HANDS WHICH SPEAK Daniel Castillo will be teaching us how to communicate in English using Sign Language. It will be a workshop in which you will be able to learn and practise this language.

Trip to Scotland

INFORMATION MEETING 23rd November 8.10 pm Room 33 Would you like to visit Scotland with your EOI classmates? Come to the meeting to get information.

Halloween Quiz _ 26th & 27th October

On 26th and 27th October we’re celebrating Halloween. Come to the Sala d’Actes to participate with your classmates. There’s a prize for the winning team!

Food Idioms exhibition

Food idioms are “food for thought”. Come to the hall of the EOI and enjoy our exhibition!! From 3rd to 21st October.

Parking Day

Come to see us from 11 to 13h, in front of the EOI, to taste some local/homemade food in exchange of a positive message on how we could live in a more sustainable way.

Xerrada. Crazy USA

En una connexió on line amb suport visual, en Josh Valcarcel ens parlarà de diferents aspectes sorprenents sobre els USA,  els seus costums i les maneres de fer peculiars dels habitants d’aquesta gran nació.  Com a americà que és, ens presentarà una visió irònica del seu país. Dimecres, 20 d’abril a les 10.15 h A la Sala d’actes

Talk on Saint Patrick’s Day

On 17th March we’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in the EOI. Come to the Sala d’Actes at 17:00, Joan Baró  will tell us about Irish tradition and legends and will sing some traditional Irish songs. Good Craic!!

Exhibition: St Patrick’s Day

The EOI is celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Come and see our exhibition,  you’ll see how St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in different cities around the world.

Irish Week

St Patrick’s Day, on 17th March, is an important day for Irish people. In the EOI we’re having our Irish Week from 14th to 17th March, with several activities, one of which is a cooking competition. Can you make Jacket Potatoes? Scan the QR code or ask your teacher for more information.  Prize and good fun guaranteed!!